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Since a year I left for MARS

 Mars: The other name of HOSTILITY

Its a year since I almost left my college. The RESONANCE was the last function that I with my friends, teachers and juniors I enjoyed of my life on earth. When we leave college, generally we surrender all our comfort and dive into hostility and challenges. Some time we get through them successfully and the rest of the time we learn life lessons.

Anyway It was 25th April 2015, we celebrated resonance, actually I ( And many like me as well) had celebrated for the last time. Then the time came when the dates of project submission came, the final semester came and the time to bid farewell also came and passed; anyone could hardly have detect.

Its like the last days in 3 Idiots, where Amir khan was silently clicking photographs to preserve them for always; such time also came. many clicked randomly.Though I am not boasting; I tried to preserve an important piece of history with me.Who knows some among us could become FAMOUS tomorrow? My handicam was the best tool I had with me. Even before that I tried for a Memoir Book, but noone took interest in it. I had to support myself. Hence I went on shooting some clips, snaps. The major was the full video shoot of Resonance; which was done by ANIL SHARMA and assisted by RAJESH LENKA.

I am sharing the videos again with my Google Drive,that anyone can download also. Its a rare piece of antique; that flavours more with the passage of time. During this period of one complete year I have rather learned LIFE LESSONS than achieving any success! I know many of us have the same fate like me; but don’t feel any sad, because we are special, we have learned a lot of life skills, AND hence the Final success we’ll get will obviously be GRAND.

link to RESONANCE videos:



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