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So what is contradiction?

Is it what dictionary tells us only? Where does it live/happen? Is it local or global? Is it political or apolitical? Is it inner or outer theory? Is it theoretical or practical?

Many such questions might arise, when we seek the answer to these questions the answer that come to our mind itself becomes contradictory.

Hmm, to make it simple; Contradiction means having atleast two different answers/paths to the same question. Here I am going to explain contradictions in some specific contemporary situations that somehow and somewhat affect our lives.


Is it a strange combination? May be, but if we look around we can find religions have become the cause, motivation and even licenses for conflicts. Conflicts of lesser or higher magnitude. Be it the Anti-semitism during NAZI germany, or the ongoing islamic terrorisms or the Anti-Sikh riots. Buddhism, which is considered as  the most peaceful religion, is not far behind; the oppression of Rohingyas in Myanmar is still ongoing. So, How can we say that religion brings PEACE?

Borders, yes borders as the uniting factors! Strange?  Of course not. See though it border divides two political entities still (sometimes) it works as the uniting factor for people of one side (at the cost of hate against other). Examples? How can one forget about INDIA & PAKISTAN.


Does is seem interesting? Nope, everyone knows about this. Still I would like to put my point of view. LEADERS are the species of human beings who lead the common men. Right? Does this happen today? No these days leaders have become somewhat like herders and common men as cattle. Leaders just herd the people, don’t even try to lead from front. They don’t say it is good or bad just go as per the flow.

Media has filled the vacuum. Now media makes opinion. IS this the role of media? Though some will disagree but media is to inform us about the happenings not making opinions for us.


Extroverts are outgoing sociable persons. Generally talk a lot and Introverts are reserved. But, but what? Nothing. Introverts have a lot of ideas inside their mind which they don’t(or couldn’t) channelize but Extroverts have less ideas, they are mostly out spoken.

4.  PEACE vs WAR

“All we want is give peace a chance” : Jhon Lenon.

How to give peace a chance? When we are defining peace & war wrongly. WARs are being fought in the name of peace! Has ever any war brought peace?  Wars only bring destruction,misery. PEACE is both the seed & tree(or egg & hen); peace only brings peace.

Take the example of Indian Independence movement we got independence through peace(though some conflicts and violences were there) & it is the basis of our unity. But in case of  state which has come out of conflict, their remains always the possibility of another uprising against the government. The examples are many.

As Our PM Narendra Modi said we should fight against poverty, against hunger, against discriminations, against hatred. Then it would be the War that will bring peace.


Nationalists vs “?”; who could be the “?”, anyone. So it is better to say Nationalists vs Others. I have to say a lot about nationalism and nationalists and a lot of anger, & frustration to release, hence it would be better if I write about it in my next post.


Until then

Jai Bharat





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