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     1.  What is India?

How silly, Its our country; It is situated in the south asian region, surrounded by Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & the Indian Ocean.

     2.  Then who is Indian? 

Everyone who lives in India are Indians, simple!

     3.  Why should we take pride in being Indians?

Is it like that, we have traveled the whole of world & find India to be the best country and then applied to God that in my next birth, please let me born in India. And thats why we are so proud of. Certainly not.So why do we defend India; why should we be proud of ? For just we are born in this geographical unit?

Now the question is if we were born on the other side of the border, wouldn’t we be equally proud for being a PAKISTANI,NEPALI or BANGLADESHI?  We could even take another example, Jharkhandi or Chhatishgarhi people feel proud to belong to their respective states; and bury their feeling of pride for being Bihari or MPwala, what they were earlier!

So is it all, our Nationalism is just like taking side of an IPL team? If not then what? Now you’ll say about The Indus Valley Civilization, The Vedas, Magadh,Mughals and many such things. So does India then(in geographical sense only) is same as that of today? Umm, we are missing the point. Still it is because of our birth in this land, over which we had no control.

So as thinking creatures should we be restricted to this only? Or we should consider India as an Idea. Now here comes the Ideal INDIA or the Idea of India. Now for this version of India(2.0), we must subscribe to that idea to be Indians, and who don’t follow it may not be called as Indians. Even we could find a lot of Non-Indians in India & conversely many Indians outside of India. Then we might get some real reason to feel proud of INDIA.

In a speech at RRCEE, Central University of Delhi, Dr Yogendra Yadav  mentioned 2 basic supports on which the idea of India stands. They are

  • Democracy
  • Diversity

These three things make India stand tall at global arena and that could be the precise terms to define India. We need to feel proud of these to be called as real Indians.

DEMOCRACY though originated in ancient Greece(as it is taught), India changed the world view, when it decided to allow its uneducated vast population to participate in elections in 1952. Then it was believed to fail the sooner or later, but proving everyone wrong, Indian democracy has survived 70 long years and made it self  stronger year after year. Hence it is a basic feature of IDEA OF INDIA.

UNITY in DIVERSITY as we hear and say since childhood is another feature exclusive to India.We are the unique example of coexistence; where so people of so many diverse religion, culture, ethnicity,language live together. Does any other country come to your mind? Except India others have some kind of restriction or the other(like English language in the USA). Our history might say some culture/religion/language/ethnicity invasive but what is present now is INDIA;with this reality we have to live. Here I want to mention about the about the organisations who try to homogenize India (via propaganda of religious superiority of Hinduism & Hindi as the National Language) are actually acting against it. It is India not Europe where every country has its specific language, culture &  ethnicity; see in Sri Lanka Sinhalese tried to force the superiority of Sinhalese Language & Culture and it lead them to a deadly four decade civil war. By narrowing our view actually we are leading to India’s fragmentation. Hence Only in Diversity lies India’s UNITY.

In conclusion I would like to suggest every Patriot/ Nationalist to question every action of government, do they comply with the idea of India? Are they upkeeping the Unity of India? For if we think not asking govt is patriotism then we put to risk either DEMOCRACY or DIVERSITY. Deshhakti is not altogether different than the religious Bhakti(or say Bhakti Movement); In Bhakti, a devotee could question, scold, intimate, inform, abuse and all with the God. God becomes friend; similarly if we don’t consider our nation as our friend its worthless like worshiping a piece of stone or wood. In Bhakti one  reserves right to his/her God the same is with Nation too.


Until my next post

Jai Bharat

Er S

Link to Dr Yogendra Yadav’s Speech at RRCEE:



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