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The New Year’s Resolution


“Happy New Year”

I wished all of my friends & they wished me back too.

But Why? Will the wishes really gonna make my year a successful one? Well, I am puzzled on this issue!  I wonder why 2016 was an dull & mostly unsuccessful year(for me) ?  Din’t I get wished enough?  Was there any shortage of wishes on Facebook? Just pulling my own legs 🙂

I am here to make me promises to fulfill this year.And to analyze my shortcomings of the past year. So I’ll make my faults and the measures I’m going to take to improve.

  • For me first thing is my political orientation. Since 2004, when started taking interest in politics, I’ve been learning many things & my position swung from extreme right to extreme left and now it is placed somewhere near center (center- left). I confused many times that whether it is good or bad? I many times changed my view too to remain agreeable to the forceful segment.
  • Now I think I have learned some basics and form my own opinion firmly. I don’t want to side with any side and myself a side, even if I stand alone. I won’t get motivated by any party or political segment and decide on subjects independently.
  • I wasted a lot of time in 2016 in doing nothing.
  • I will utilize the most of my time in some fruitful work, at least write an opinion here during a free time.
  • I have changed my plans many a time though my goal is fixed since my childhood.
  • I will not change my plan for 2017 at least, I’ll look straight forward to achieve my primary goal this year.(I am not going to explain my Goals of Life here)

Er. S

02 Jan 2017


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